I had the pleasure of attending The Bigfork Documentary Project that tells the story of Bigfork: its geography, early settlement and growth, and the journey to its current place of culture, recreation, and community.

A talented group of community-minded creatives: Denny Kellogg, Tabby Ivy, Ed Gillenwater, and Don Beans have (once again) joined forces: this time to celebrate Bigfork. The team’s last effort resulted in the landmark, acclaimed Hockaday Museum of Art exhibition, documentary film and book, A Timeless Legacy, Women Artists of Glacier National Park. The Bigfork project will produce a book and DVD.

As an Investor in commercial Real Estate, I greatly appreciated the Historical buildings in this movie and personally restored an 1895 building back to its original features. 

I’m delighted to call Bigfork home and thoroughly enjoy all it has to offer.

Historical Bigfork Montana